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Are you considering moving to Texas and want to transfer your cosmetologist from another state?  Don’t worry at all, license holders from other states may be eligible for a license in Texas.  You won’t be transferring your license, per say, but rather applying for a new one in Texas using your existing education and experience.  If your state has education and examination requirements equivalent to Texas, you will just need to apply for the Reciprocity Cosmetology License – just review and follow the instructions to apply.  Depending on the state you’re from, your work experience may be credited toward the equivalent requirements for Texas.

How to Get a Texas Cosmetology License from Another State

The Texas Department of License and Regulation (TDLR) now accepts training or work experience through an apprenticeship program.  You may be eligible for the Reciprocity Cosmetology License in Texas if your license from another state is active and you meet the work experience requirements.  You will need a certificate of completion for your apprenticeship program and a letter of certification. This must be delivered in a sealed envelope from your issuing state of licensure, which also states your years of work experience.  

Do you meet the Texas cosmetology license requirements?

Consult TDLR’s website for states with equivalent cosmetology license requirements as Texas.  Whether it’s a license for Cosmetology Operator, Manicurist, Esthetician, or Cosmetology Instructor, you will be able to find your state to see if there are equivalent requirements.  You will also learn if you are required to have one or two years of work experience from your state to be eligible for a Texas cosmetology license transfer.   


Once you’ve determined that you meet the requirements of the state of Texas, you can download the reciprocity cosmetology license application. Remember, you will need to provide a letter of certification from the state that holds your existing license.  Please note, cosmetology instructor applicants must provide the number of years instructing/teaching, not experience in Cosmetology Operator, Manicurist, or Esthetician occupation.  

Maintain & Renew your Cosmetology License in the State of Texas

Once you have successfully transferred your license to the state of Texas, you’ll need to maintain and renew your license every two years.  This can be done 100% online through a licensed provider such as Cosmo Training.  It only takes 4 hours to complete, no test or passing grade necessary. Cosmo Training offers the easiest, most convenient, and least expensive way to renew your cosmetology license online. Satisfy all of your continuing education requirements with our Texas state approved courses. We will report your completion to TDL within 24 hours!

Date Created : 02/04/2019