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What is TDLR Texas?

Helping people feel better about themselves is what life's all about. As a cosmetologist, you make a big impact on many people every day. They come to you with a vision or a request to improve their looks, and within an hour or two, you've made them feel better about themselves and how they look. In this society, appearances do matter despite our attempt to downplay it. By looking good and feeling good about yourself, you will accomplish more and be a happier person. Cosmetologists contribute to this everyday.


In the state of Texas, you have to be licensed in order to practice cosmetology. This is governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, or the TDLR. So what exactly does the TDLR do?


CosmoTraining offers TDLR continuing education courses for cosmetologists so that you can continue brightening your customers' lives every day. Our cosmetology course is all online, making it easy to take and complete. It satisfies all of the requirements so you can continue with your craft. Below, we'll examine this question and encourage you to visit our website to learn more today!




The TDLR is run by the state of Texas for the sole purpose of overseeing every industry that has licensing requirements, including cosmetology. Each industry has its own requirements for licensure. Currently, the TDLR cosmetology requirements include:


  • You must complete four hours of department-approved continuing education courses.
  • This includes one hour in sanitation and one hour of victims of human trafficking. 
  • If you are over the age of 65 and you've had a cosmetology license for at least 15 years, you only need to complete the one hour of sanitation requirement. The other three hours are waived. You still can only use a TDLR-approved course. 
  • The continuing education provider then has 15 days to report to the TDLR after the course has been completed. This is their responsibility. 
  • You, however, must keep a copy of the certificate of completion you received for a minimum of two years after the cosmetology continuing education class has been completed.




The TDLR requirements are easy to complete, especially with CosmoTraining's online cosmetology license renewal. We've worked diligently to make this process as simple as possible so you can complete this cosmetology course and continue making a difference in people's lives everyday. You simply visit our website and input your cosmetology license number. Once you complete the course, you will be asked for payment. Once that is received, we will notify the TDLR within 24 hours of your cosmetology course completion. You can take this course at any time, day or night, at your convenience. There is no test you have to take. You only have to complete the course.


CosmoTraining will beat any competitor price by 15%, helping to make this requirement by the state affordable. We accept many forms of payment, and we are available during regular business hours to answer any questions you may have. Enroll online today!

Date Created : 01/01/2021