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What's the Difference Between a Cosmetologist and a Hair Stylist?

Many people think that a cosmetologist and a hair stylist are different names for the same person. However, this is not the case, and there are important differences between the two.


CosmoTraining offers cosmetology license renewal online for Texas cosmetologists. This is a requirement by the state in order to continue practicing your craft. This four hour course is very simple to take and does not take that long to finish. The material is engaging, and it covers everything you need to meet Texas's requirements, including the new human trafficking requirement. Below, we'll take a brief look at the difference between a cosmetologist and a hair stylist. Visit us online to get started today!




Before we dive into the differences between cosmetologist and hair stylist, let's look at the similarities. Both can offer all of the hair services you are familiar with, such as haircuts, colors, and styling needs. That is where the similarities end, however.


A cosmetologist offers more services than a hair stylist. They offer all of the great hair services, and they are trained in other areas of beauty services, such as makeup, skin treatments, wig services, waxing services, and the like. When you go to a day or med spa, most likely a cosmetologist will be there rather than a hair stylist.


In general, cosmetologists have many more hours of specialized training in order to offer these great services to their clients. If they go to school, it usually will take them longer to complete their course requirements than a hair stylist. Due to the differences between the two, the licensing requirements are often different. Cosmetologists have much more training than hair stylists so their licensing may be different.


No matter what career you are in, the more training you have and the more services and value you can bring to a company, the more you are worth so the more you will earn. Cosmetologists often earn more money and have an easier time when searching for employment opportunities due to their extra training. If you are looking for a way to broaden your career, becoming a cosmetologist could be for you.




Many careers require continuing education in order to keep practicing them. Cosmetology is no exception. Beyond optional career courses you may take to enhance your skill set in a particular area, the state of Texas requires cosmetology continuing education in order to maintain your licensing. CosmoTraining offers this Texas Department Of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) continuing education course online for your convenience. Simply go to our website and put in your license number. Your four-hour course will begin, and upon completion, we will notify the TDLR within 24 hours. The best part is you don't pay until you've completed the course. We promise to beat any competitor price by 15% guaranteed. If you are interested in our cosmetology continuing education classes, visit us online, and enroll today!

Date Created : 01/01/2021