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What Are The Texas Continuing Education CE Requirements For Cosmetologists?

For many skilled careers, there are continuing education requirements to ensure that workers are continually providing their clients with the most up to date, high-quality services, and techniques.

If you are a cosmetologist in the state of Texas, your license needs to be renewed every two years and you must complete four hours of continuing education credits. But what does continuing education involve? How many hours are required? What counts as CE credits? Learn all about TDLR continuing education for cosmetology here, and register with CosmoTraining for easy, affordable, and convenient CE credits.

How Many Hours of CE Credits Are Required For a Texas Cosmetology License? 

In order to satisfy the requirements for a Texas cosmetology license renewal, licensees must also complete four hours of continuing education credits. This includes one hour of sanitation, three hours of cosmetology-related topics, as well as the new Human Trafficking requirement that was put in place in 2018. The human trafficking requirement is to teach cosmetologists how to identify victims of human trafficking, how to help, and how to report cases of human trafficking. 

What Courses, Events, or Activities Count as Continuing Education? 

The four hours of continuing education credits required to renew your license includes three hours of elective cosmetology-related topics. While you can find an online course that satisfies this requirement, you may want to take it a step further and look for something different. As long as the course, event, or activity is TDLR-approved and adds up to at least three hours, simply get information on how to receive the credit from the organizers in order to submit to TDLR.

CEs May be Obtained By:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Educational Conferences
  • College or University Courses

How Do I Find a TDLR-Approved Continuing Education Provider? 

When you’re needing to complete CE credits, the most important factor is completing a course or attending an event that is TDLR-approved, and ensuring that it adds up to at least four hours. In order to find an approved Texas CE provider, you can search the Continuing Education Provider List found on the TDLR website. Simply select CE - Cosmetology and browse the providers to find one that fits your needs. If you choose to work with CosmoTraining, you will find us listed as Career Study.

Are There TDLR Continuing Education Courses Offered Online?

A large number of CE courses are now offered online. This allows you to complete the training on your own time. 

CosmoTraining Offers TDLR continuing education cosmetology courses that are entirely online, making it a convenient and easy option to complete the requirements necessary to renew your license. CosmoTraining will beat any competitor price by 15% and you can stop and start the course whenever you need to. Just make sure to complete the course before your license expires. There is no exam that you need to pass in order to complete the course, making it stress-free as well! We will also report the course completion to the TDLR within 24 hours. You will then receive a certificate of license renewal that you can display at your business or workstation. 

Register today to complete your continuing education requirements!

Date Created : 10/20/2020