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What Does a Barber Do?

Barbers are a profession as old as America itself. They primarily attend to male clients for various hair needs, including cut, trim, and style.  Barbers also provide custom shaves, facial hair maintenance, and other grooming services for men.  The tools used in this profession include scissors, clippers, razors, a straight razor, and combs.  When a barber grooms a client’s facial hair, they apply lather to the area before shaving. A razor or a straight razor removes unwanted hair and a clean shave.  A barber may even perform scalp, neck and face massage services, it all depends on their preference.  The goal of a barber is to cut hair or style facial hair, all while making each client comfortable.     

How to Renew Your Barber/Cosmetology License Online?

Renewing yourbarber/cosmetology license online is simple with today’s technology. However, you should check your state's requirements. Most states require renewal every two years.  If you hold a Texas state business license, you’re in luck.  Cosmo Training allows you to renew your license and complete the continuing education requirement easily through their website.  The cost to renew your license in Texas is $53 every two years. Apply for renewal on time to avoid late fee charges.  

Cosmo Training offers a 4-hour course to satisfy the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation continuing education requirement, including training in human trafficking, for only $19.99.  You can also take advantage of their “enroll now, pay later” incentive.  This 4-hour course package includes one hour in sanitation and three hours in various other topics pertaining to your area of expertise.  An exam is not required to pass this course, completing the course is the only requirement.  Cosmo Training will even upload your report status within 24 hours of completing the course.  Cosmo Training has made the renewal process for your barber’s license easy and simple.          

Date Created : 03/11/2019